Centropy Premier Services

Centropy can provide you with leadership and expertise in three core areas of your web application lifecycle.

Front-end web design and development

As a champion of user-centered design principles, Centropy web design services can refresh the look of any static or dynamic web site to align with modern styles and usability guidelines. Or, if you're just getting started with a web presence, Centropy can create a brand new design that communicates your company's unique flavor through its layout, typeface and selection of a color theme.

Plus, when it comes to print design, advanced graphics work or logo requirements, we continue as your single point of contact while we interface with a network of high-quality artists. (We've done the vetting, so you don't have to.)

Back-end web and application development

Ruby on Rails and other revelations in our industry have changed the face of web development as we know it. As an adopter of these rapid development practices, Centropy is able to provide software of the highest quality much faster, thereby reducing costs compared to equivalent projects relying on outdated ideas and technology.

As you might know, Rails expertise is an extremely rare commodity today; some have noted that as result of this increased demand, there has likewise been an increase in unqualified consultants claiming to be "Rails professionals." As the designer, builder, deployer and maintainer of Dibs.net, your local community marketplace, you can trust Centropy's expertise in Rails is in fact The Real Thing.

Systems architecture, configuration management, deployment, maintenance and automation

When you hire Centropy, you instantly reap the benefits of my ten years' experience in the management of systems as complex as multi-million-dollar financial applications. While many boutique firms treat architecture and deployment concerns as afterthoughts, I consider them the time- and money-saving investment they really are.